The Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management is a partnership with Highline College, located in the Pacific Northwest in Des Moines, Washington, USA.
The Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management is a partnership with Highline College, located in the Pacific Northwest in Des Moines, Washington, USA.

A Materials Handling System for Fashion Retailing

Fast fashion retailer Wet Seal designed a materials handling system that speeds new merchandise to its stores and accommodates growth.

global communication concept

Globalization & the Supply Chain

The future of globalization and supply chains may very well be charaterized by how well companies learn to overcome the


Forecasting a Supply Chain Talent

In the rush for talent, a storm may be brewing that will contract the pool for supply chain talent. There are strategic actions that enterprises can take before the winds and waves hit shore.


NAFTA at 20: Canada and Mexico Emerge as Biggest Winners

U.S. manufactured goods to Canada and Mexico more than tripled since 1993, growing some $173 billion through 2012 and accounting for over 18% of the total growth in U.S. manufactured exports.


Walmart Rolls Out the Future of Fleet Efficiency

Walmart CEO Doug McMillan said in his blog that he never thought Walmart's sustainability journey would lead to trucks like this - radical carbon fiber trucks.


Global Trade Management: Automation time

According to recent market surveys, too many global shippers are still using a mix of manual processes and homegrown systems to manage global trade.

The Greater Seattle region is well positioned, especially given its strong location in the Pacific Rim, to tap into growing global markets to increase capital into the region's companies, and attract more international companies to the region.  READ MORE.

Educational Handbook
One challenge in supply chain management career opportunities is that the “demand for supply chain
talent is far exceeding supply, resulting in a shortage of SCM talent” (Dalsin, 2013). To meet the growing
demand, the Center for Global Trade and Supply Chain Management is at the forefront of innovative
training and education. The career-focused certificates and degrees inside this booklet were designed
with the expertise of industry professionals, workforce educators, and governmental representatives. At
the end of the day, we’re all about launching careers!               READ MORE
Seattle ranks fifth among its peers, due to its strengths in human capital and
innovation and weaknesses in infrastructure and global connectedness. Given its
solid starting point, Seattle can only benefit from a cohesive regional strategy that
brings government and business leaders to the table.               READ MORE
International trade is a key driver of our state’s economy, cutting across nearly every industry sector.
In fact, based on our research, at least 40% of all jobs in Washington can be tied to trade-related
activity, making our state one of the most trade-engaged economies in the country.                READ MORE
US CEOs in our 17th Annual Global CEO Survey are finding reasons to be more confident in many places. At home, the outlook for the US economy is improving. For example, we saw momentum increase in the US deals market over 2013, and business investment is picking up.                READ MORE