The Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management is a partnership with Highline College, located in the Pacific Northwest in Des Moines, Washington, USA.
The Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management is a partnership with Highline College, located in the Pacific Northwest in Des Moines, Washington, USA.

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The purpose of this grant is for economic development that will include a region in Washington State that comprises 31 participating counties. Most of these counties lack infrastructure to compete for work which is being off-shored. This Make It In America project is specifically designed to provide the connections, strategic consulting, supply chain identification, and management training to allow manufacturers to increase their competitiveness. The primarily strategy is to train incumbent employees.  

Highline College’s Course Descriptions:

International Trade & Logistics certificate (19 credits) consists of these classes.

BUSN 188 Importing/Exporting 5 credits

Study of the history and importance of importing and exporting to global business; this course is a skill building course for those new to international trade which includes the logistics of importing and exporting, international transportation and customs procedures, major concepts and terminology. After completion of the course, students have the option of taking the International Import-Export Institute (IIEI) Certified Exporter Exam.

BUSN 105 Introduction to Logistics 5 credits

Study of the functions and characteristics of transportation companies, air, railroad, sea, truck carriers; advantages and limitations of each form of transportation; major aspects of international transportation, import and export; the role of these transportation companies to the U.S. and world economies; domestic and international cargo documentation including classification, pricing and settlement methods, tariffs and regulations, payment options, Incoterms and laws and regulations; and exploration of employment opportunities.

BUSN 106 Freight Forwarding 4 credits

Focuses on the internal operations of the freight forwarder and the role it plays in the global supply chain, specifically how it interfaces with client companies. This course provides a strong understanding of the strategic management of a freight forwarder, particularly as a company offering a range of services supporting the global supply chain. Elements of an integrated service provider, responsibilities and obligations of the forwarder, invoicing, and both mutual interests and conflict of interests with the client company are explored. Includes in depth coverage of Incoterms and how they are used in international transactions.

BUSN 205 International Business 5 credits

This course explores and analyzes the business and social impact of globalization and the inter-relationships among geography, culture, government and economics as they relate to the major business functions in a global marketplace. Specific focus on the winners and losers of globalization with an in-depth look at issues such as access to education, political systems, resources and markets, human rights, child labor, poverty and other development factors that affect international trade policy and the ability of all countries to participate in the global economy.

Shoreline’s Course Descriptions:


Purchasing & Contract Management short-term certificate (14 credits) consists of Business 141, 203, and 245.


Supplier relations & Logistics short-term certificate (12 credits) consists of Business 142, 143, and 144.


Purchasing & Supply Chain Management certificate(26 credits) is awarded upon completion of the two short-term certificates listed above.

BUS 141 Purchasing and Supply Management 5 credits

Introduction to the basic principles of purchasing and supply chain management with emphasis on understanding the purchasing and supply processes, organizational concepts, policy, relationships, and tools and techniques including cost/price analysis, and value analysis.


BUS 142 Sourcing and Supplier Relations 5 credits
Sourcing concepts, methods and techniques used to manage an organization's supply base are discussed. Emphasis is on strategic sourcing, including supplier selection, development and evaluation, supplier quality, and global sourcing.

BUS 143 Material Management 4 credits

An examination of the processes of production planning, master scheduling, MRP systems, forecasting, demand management, warehouse management and widely used manufacturing processes. Contents reflect the basics of supply chain management defined by APICS: The Educational society for resource management.

BUS 144 Logistics and Transportation 3 credits

Emphasis is placed on industrial logistics and transportation. Topics include understanding and balancing logistic factors to achieve optimal performance at the lowest possible total cost. Topics include transportation modes, pricing and comparative analysis, regulatory restrictions scheduling, insuring, protecting, warehousing and shipping industrial and retail products

BUS 203 Contract Development and Management 4 credits

The contract planning process, development, management and legal issues related to business agreements are examined. Emphasis is placed on contract development, pricing arrangements, & the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC); includes creating solicitation documents, contract clauses, and evaluation and award criteria.

BUS 245 e-Procurement 5 credits

Business-to-business procurement strategies, options, methods, and solutions used to automate procurement, supplier management, and other supply chain activities are examined