The Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management is a partnership with Highline College, located in the Pacific Northwest in Des Moines, Washington, USA.
The Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management is a partnership with Highline College, located in the Pacific Northwest in Des Moines, Washington, USA.

"Talent will be the most important determining factor of a city's ability to compete at the global level." Enrique Rueda-Sabater, Boston Consulting Group senior advisor and former World Bank director

Many of Washington's community, technical colleges and universities offer a variety of certificates and degrees in the global trade, supply chain management, logistics management, transportation, and business career fields. Please contact the Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management or the specific school if you have questions!

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The New Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree


Changing industry standards related to educational attainment have resulted in increased industry demand for an educated workforce which has led to an increased student demand for bachelor's degrees.


The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is a new, four-year degree, a "pathway" model that organizes curricula into series of stackable, integrated credentials. This approach anticipates that all students will have the opportunity to move from short-terms certificates to associate degrees and, ultimately, to baccalaureate and higher-level studies within their chosen career paths.


The three Washington State BAS degrees posted here represent the broad spectrum of the supply chain industry that encompasses the activities that take place to get a product into a consumer's hands - from the time raw materials are extracted to the minute a consumer takes the final product home:  North Seattle Community College offers a BAS in International Business, Lake Washington Institute of Technology offers a BAS in Transportation and Logistics Management, and Highline College has a BAS in Global Trade and Logistics.


North Seattle Community College's new International Business Bachelor of Applied Science focuses on the skills needed for management of business involved in importing or exporting or with an international supply chain firm. Courses will teach business practices in the context of work in an international arena and emphasize cultural competency.  For information, contact Jesse Cooley @ 206-934-7794.  Click here for the website.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology's Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) prepares students to work as managers within companies that provide transportation or logistics services, warehousing, fleet maintenance, vehicle procurement or upgrades, transportation and logistics analyses, or sales and account management of logistics services.  Graduates may also work as managers of individual proprietorships or small companies in transportation vehicle and equipment sales, service, or ancillary industries such as component manufacturing or inventory control. For more information, contact Lynne Szymanski @ 425-739-8100, ext. 8482.  Click here for the website.

The BAS at Highline College is an applied Bachelor’s degree in collaboration with Central Washington University’s Supply Chain Management certificate program. The goal of the BAS degree is to offer pathways for continuing education to students who currently hold an applied Associates degree or are currently working in the industry and don’t have the appropriate AA degree to attend a traditional bachelor’s degree program. With many of the related jobs in this field requiring Bachelor’s level degrees, creating pathways with minimal barriers is important for our regional economic growth.  Entering students will need to have completed an AAS degree in a Business or Logistics related field or take additional courses to complete the AAS concurrently with the BAS. The BAS in Global Trade & Logistics specifically builds on the AAS degree in International Business and Trade program at Highline, though it is not exclusive to that entry point. This particular AAS degree has been developed through the years to align with both industry certification requirements and industry advisory committee recommendations. The program has had strong industry input from regional and national employers such as CEVA Logistics, American Presidential Lines, Federal Express Global Logistics, and DHL Global Forwarding.  For more information, contact Raegan Copeland @ 206-592-3026 or visit the website.  Click here.

College and University Offerings

The Center of Excellence communicates with colleges across Washington State to bring you the latest offerings in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Listed below are our colleges and universities with links to each program.

Community & Technical Colleges